Creating the perfect combination of social issue and an image, is like screaming from the top of a mountain. What would a rally, protest or social movement be without the visual images that get engraved into our minds. The images last for years after the moment of action. Activism art is inclusive and democratic. Have something to say? Then this class is for you! No art experience is necessary, only the desire to express your idea visually!

Through out this workshop we will draw inspiration from the Exhibit, Art & Activism: The work of Ellen Gradman and Fred Klonsky. Along with other current social causes as well as iconic protest images. You will learn ways to think big, edit your idea and process your message into a visual image with or without words. Students will create personal 8 1/2 x 11 signs using paper, markers, stencils, clip art, computer/copy machine printouts and collage. We will also discuss ways to use your image after the class in order to get your message out and create your own paper protest!